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The ceremonies project will create and implement ceremonies and entertainment programmes at the 12 stadiums. The objective is to create a safe and joyful atmosphere in the stadium and provide a memorable experience for the fans. Volunteers will assist with the pre-match ceremonies (entertainment of fans inside and outside the stadium) and production (TV production, logistics).

UEFA ceremonies set the mood for our events, offering a warm and colourful welcome from UEFA and the host city to the fans, teams and hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide.

A ‘fantertainment’ programme is a live event held inside or around the stadium to welcome the fans and entertain them before the start of the match. UEFA uses this platform to create emotion and excitement among the spectators and thereby ensure a festive atmosphere in the stadium. During this time, the spectators become a symbol of unity and respect, having fun, singing and dancing together, regardless of which team they support.

Volunteers in this area assist the local ceremonies coordinator.