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KICK-OFF UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme

Event Transport

Event transport is responsible for the planning and delivery of transport services. For UEFA EURO 2020, the event transport team will be responsible for providing transportation for the 24 participating national associations, referees, doping control officers, match delegates, UEFA guests and staff.

Volunteers will assist at the transportation office and the fleet compound or as coordinators and welcome personnel at airports, hotels and other venues. The aim is to help and support the customers by delivering a high-level transportation service.


Airport Welcome Services Volunteer

    • Period: 6 June – 30 June
    • 15 shifts 

As Airport welcome services Volunteer you welcome UEFA guests who arrive at Schiphol Airport. You staff the UEFA welcome desk and assist various groups.

Fleet Operations Volunteer

    • Period: 1 June – 16 July
    • 20 shifts 

As a Fleet Operations Volunteer you are active on the Fleet Compound and you are responsible for ensuring all cars and drivers can go prepared on the road.

Venue Transport Volunteer

    • Period: 13 June – 28 June
    • 10 shifts 

As a Venue transport Volunteer you have an overview of the transport services at the hotel and the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

Volunteer Driver
As a Volunteer driver you bring various UEFA guests and staff to the right locations (Johan Cruijff ArenA, IBC, Schiphol and hotel).

    • Period: 9 June – 16 July
    • 15 shifts