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Hospitality Production

For UEFA EURO 2020, the hospitality production team is in charge of the development, implementation and delivery of hospitality and catering services for various target groups at all stadiums. The team will provide matchday hospitality services such as catering and entertainment within the various hospitality programmes for VIP, commercial partner and corporate hospitality guests. All guests will be hosted in hospitality lounges and private suites inside the stadiums before and after the matches. It is the hospitality production team’s responsibility to ensure that hospitality and catering services are delivered on time, to the agreed quality and within budget.

Altogether, more than 120,000 hospitality guests will be hosted during the 51 matches of the tournament across the 12 stadiums.

The team is also in charge of delivering catering services for staff, broadcasters, media representatives, volunteers, youth programme teams and match officials, throughout the tournament on matchdays and non-matchdays. Moreover, forming part of the hospitality production team, the concessions team is in charge of the implementation and management of the F&B (food and beverage) concepts for all general public concessions at all stadiums, ensuring that products and services are delivered with the required and agreed level of service.

As members of the hospitality team, hospitality production volunteers will assist the venue hospitality manager and coordinator as well as the concessions coordinator(s), and will support organisational preparation and overall operation to ensure the best possible experience for the various projects.