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From WEURO 2017 to UEFA EURO 2020

In 2017, Michael Mulder played the role of Volunteer Manager for the Women’s European Football Championship (WEURO) in the Netherlands. The first European women’s football championship ever played in seven different cities. During the tournament about 1300 volunteers were active across the seven playing cities. Immediately after the tournament, Michael started again as a Volunteer Manager, but this time for the largest European Championship football ever: UEFA EURO 2020 in Amsterdam! “It didn’t take long to make the decision because I really wanted to get back to work as a Volunteer Manager. The diversity and enthusiasm of the volunteers makes the work very enjoyable,” said Michael.

“UEFA EURO 2020 is a unique tournament involving 12 different playing cities throughout Europe. More than 12,000 volunteers set to work to make it an unforgettable tournament. It is a huge challenge, to turn this tournament into a successful edition with the team.” Everyone (from the age of 18) had the opportunity to register for the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Program. “The youngest applicant is 17 (now) and the oldest 78 and there are 81 different nationalities among the applicants! Everyone can be a volunteer.”

We organized eleven recruitment days in the Johan Cruijff ArenA to ensure that we were able to select 1000 volunteers. “The quality of the candidates and the organization was very high during the Recruitment Days. With the team we want to approach everyone personally and professional.  After all, that is what we expect from the volunteers next summer! From all around the country of the Netherlands, but even far beyond (France, Germany, Belgium and England), candidates took the initiative to come to the Johan Cruijff ArenA. “That’s why you want to give the candidates something in return before they come. So we try to make their arrival a unique experience and show them the EURO 2020 experience!”

Due to the high quality of the candidates, three recruitment days are less organized. “We wanted to organize 14 Recruitment Days in the Johan Cruijff Arena (how appropriate) for around 1500 candidates. As soon as the quality of the candidates turned out to be extremely high, we decided to stop after 1300 interviews. After all, we want to avoid having to disappoint too many good candidates. The most important thing for now is to organize the right people in the right domains and roles and to communicate clearly what is expected of the volunteer.”

Looking ahead, Michael is particularly looking forward to the next meeting with all the volunteers: “I am looking forward to the moment the Volunteers Home opens and we can welcome all volunteers for a cup of coffee and their clothing package. From that moment on we will really work towards the first competition day on Sunday, June 14. In addition, we are already preparing a Kick-off and I hope to see many of the volunteers there!” Said Michael Mulder, Volunteer Manager UEFA EURO 2020 Amsterdam.