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UEFA EURO 2020 postponed Frequently asked questions

What are the new Matchdays at the Johan Cruijff ArenA?
The new Matchdays have yet to be determined. If we’ve more information about this, we’ll inform you as soon as possible.

Will the Kick-off take place at the 25th of April?
Unfortunately, we also have to postpone the kick-off.

Is there a new date for the Kick-off?
Not yet at the moment, we’ll have to settle for a new date. We’ll let you know as soon as possible.

Because UEFA EURO 2020 is postponed I’m not able to be a Volunteer anymore because I can’t be available in that period, what now?
Unfortunately, we’ll have to withdraw your application and we’ll fill in your role with another Volunteer.

Will we be interviewed again, now UEFA EURO 2020 is postponed?
Not yet at the moment, we’re waiting for new UEFA policies. If it’ll be necessary, we’ll inform you as soon as possible.

Will my role stay the same, now UEFA EURO 2020 is postponed?
We want to keep everybody as much as possible on the same role as now, that’s why we’ve selected everybody. It’s possible that because of the postponing we need to review some roles fore EURO 2020 and some roles will be available again.

Earlier I had to withdrawn myself as a Volunteer because of work/school/my private situation. With the new date of UEFA EURO 2020 I’m available again. Can you place me on my previous role, or can I be a Volunteer again?
We’ll need to look at this individually. Your role has been filled in with a Volunteer so it’s not available anymore.  We can place you on the stand-by list, when there will be a free role in one of your advised domains, we’ll take you through in the procedure to fill in this role. We can’t give any guarantees.

I want to apply for the new EURO 2020, is this possible?
No, at this moment it’s not possible. We’re waiting for new UEFA policies. If it’s possible, we’ll inform you.

I’ve already made some costs for hotel bookings and transport tickets like flight, bus, train. Will I be compensated for this?
No, we don’t compensate for these costs. Contact the organisation where you’ve made these bookings and ask them for the cancellation policy/insurance.