Euro 2020 Euro 2020
UEFA EURO 2020 in 2021

A poem from Volunteer Frank Sikkink

“Thousands of people are needed,

For EURO 2020 that was to come.

Everyone really wanted to be there.

To grab a task which had to be done.

To ensure that the match days in the Netherlands run smoothly,

Everyone in their own role,

Thoughts went out to those moments,

Enthusiasm level was high for all.

The run-up was great,

The form was completed online.

Then the first wait started,

Hoping everything was fine.

Finally there was an answer,

The preselection was done.

Next step was to the Arena,

To have a conversation with someone.

We were warmly received,

At the Johan Cruijff Arena’s main door.

For a nice conversation in the Royal Lounge,

For the volunteer work I came for.

Clothes and shoes were fitted,

Beautiful and sporty, it was great.

Only happy faces,

From aspiring volunteers who all could relate.

Weeks later the email came,

Yes, certainly Frank, you are part of it!

As a Mobility Maker Lead Volunteer!

I was happy and even beaming for a bit!

Completed the availability schedules,

My motivation went on and on,

Until all of a sudden in February,

The whole fun was brutally gone….

Nothing at all until September.

No more competition at clubs and on TV.

When can we get back together?

Nobody has any idea…

Thoughts regularly wander,

To the people who fight for their life.

To anyone who fights against illness,

Father, mother, grandpa, grandma, husband or wife.

I’m long for something positive,

Sometimes I’m looking forward to next year.

When EURO hopefully finally can take place.

The scenarios must be already crystal clear.

Then finally meet you as fellow volunteers,

Starting with “the kick-off” that we missed this year.

And afterwards a great EURO2020,

Together with you there will be a great atmosphere!

And of course, it is a side issue,

Especially now, that’s a fact for everyone,

But for me as a lover

It’s side issue number one…